Rue Farms Rustic Potato Chips


Mountain Highway is pleased to be sponsored by Rue Farms Rustic Potato Chips, which are easily the best-tasting potato chips we’ve ever eaten. Not only are they delicious, but they’re made completely from all-natural ingredients.

Rue Farms starts with the freshest Russet potatoes and slices them a bit thicker than other brands. Then they gently cook them using non-GMO oils and season them with a special blend of gluten-free herbs & spices. There are no fillers, additives or preservatives. Then, they’re packaged and rushed to your favorite store.

If, for some crazy reason, your grocery store doesn’t carry Rue Farms Rustic Potato Chips, you’ll be doing Mountain Highway a favor to ask the manager to start stocking them. Meanwhile, you can order these delicious chips online and have them delivered to your door!

Take it from us – – we’re healthy eaters, but we love our snacks. Rue Farms are the best of both worlds. Order some today and you won’t be disappointed!

Click the “Order” link here:


Ma and Pa Rue, Tater Dog, and Mountain Highway


On a personal note, we LOVE Matt and Jeanne Rue (and “Tater Dog”). We’ve had a ball spending time with them in Virginia and at their headquarters in Springfield, Ohio. You won’t meet finer people anywhere. They support bluegrass music by sponsoring and attending bluegrass festivals, and by sponsoring musicians like us. We hope you’ll return the favor by buying some of their delicious products. 🙂


Mountain Highway and Rue Farms Rustic Potato Chips


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