Mountain Highway

2022 was a busy year! It started with thirty shows over sixty days in South Texas, and continued in early spring with a whirlwind of weekend events in Virginia and North Carolina. After that, it involved performing almost nightly in Gatlinburg, Tennessee while traveling weekends to play booked shows and festivals in states as far away as Pennsylvania, New York, and Michigan. In the summer and fall, we’ve loved performing locally in East Tennessee at venues such as Anakeesta, Dollywood, and for the City of Gatlinburg’s “Tunes N’ Tales” program. However, changes in the band forced us to work much harder (and many, many more hours each week) to keep the music going. Meanwhile, we struggled to keep up with daily obligations in our personal lives. November was one of the toughest yet, as we encountered health challenges that made performing practically impossible.

Just before the holidays, we made the difficult decision to cancel remaining performances and return home to Virginia. We had a lot of administrative tasks to tackle, but after that, we were able to rest and enjoy the holiday season with friends and family before pursuing other interests in 2023.

While we’re not currently traveling to perform as a band, we ARE continuing to add videos of our music and other fun video content for followers of our Patreon channel. We hope you’ll consider joining, even if you just do it for a single month to see what it’s all about. It’s a lot of work for us, but it’s a great way for us to continue publishing music and keeping in touch. Check it out here: https://patreon.com/mountainhighhway/.

Words can never fully express the gratitude we feel toward so many of you who’ve supported our family over the six years we’ve toured full time as a band. While it may take us a while to engage many of you individually, please know how much we love and appreciate each one of you who’ve made this journey possible. We hope all of you know how much we appreciate the love and support you showed us over the six years we were able to perform full time. We love you all! ❤️

UPDATE: As of spring of 2023, we’re continuing to post new content at least weekly for subscribers to our Patreon channel. Additionally, we’re still selling CDs, T-shirts, and other Mountain Highway merchandise on our website. And, if we’re able to make it work, SOME of us just might find a way to perform in a “Mountain Highway 2.0” configuration some time in 2023.

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