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Mountain Highway is happy to endorse and to have our banjo player endorsed by Deering Banjos. We believe Deering Banjos are the finest on the market, and yet offer a variety of instruments at competitive prices.

When selecting a banjo, our Victoria was attracted to the Deering “Sierra,” which is made with a beautiful mahogany neck and resonator. Its beauty was only outdone by its clear tone and sound quality, so it was an easy choice. The Sierra model has been Deering’s most popular professional grade banjo for almost 30 years. They manufacture it as affordably as possible and still retain all of the high end features that affect its tone and playability. Here’s what Greg Deering has to say about the Sierra:

“When I first introduced the Sierra I kept the cost down by keeping the cosmetics simple. I put the money into the pot assembly. I wanted to build a top professional banjo at a price that I could have afforded when I was a kid going to the music store on my way home from school everyday.

“With the implementation of new technology we have been able to make the Sierra exquisitely beautiful without raising the price. I have been greatly inspired by the art work of the old masters of the Boston banjo era from the turn of the last century. With this inspiration in my blood I have brought art to the Sierra that is usually reserved for banjos costing much, much more.

“The Sierra is truly a professional masterpiece of both sound and art at a price that is within your reach.”

If you’re in the market for a banjo, we encourage you to visit a Deering retailer close to you to try them out. You’ll likely wind up owning one, too!

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Deering Banjos