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About (epk)


With a style all their own, Mountain Highway performs bluegrass, country, and gospel music originally made famous by icons like Bill Monroe, the Carter Family, Ralph Stanley, and a few outliers like the Eagles and Linda Ronstadt. Two sisters and a family friend play banjo, guitar, and mandolin as they sing three-part harmony, while the sisters’ dad plays an electric upright bass.

Performing weekly as hosts of The Smoky Mountain Bluegrass Review at The Memories Theater in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, the group also travels to play at popular venues across the country. A few notable bookings include AFBA Bluegrass Festival (PA), Brantling Bluegrass Festival (NY), Dollywood Harvest Festival (TN), Florida State Bluegrass Festival (FL), Jerusalem Ridge Bluegrass Celebration (KY), Lewis County Bluegrass Festival (WV), Malpass Brothers Bluegrass & Country Music Festival (NC), Manton Bluegrass Festival (MI), and the Parkfield Bluegrass Festival (CA).

The group’s professional endorsements include Deering Banjos, GHS Strings, and Shubb Capos.

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Stage Plot / Tech Rider

Mountain Highway travels with its own 18-channel digital sound system, which it uses in all but a handful of its public appearances each year, per the Performance Agreement between the venue and the band. For those rare instances where “house sound” is required, the stage plot details the band’s performance needs.

Studio Recordings


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