Booking Requests

Requests: Please read this page first before making contact about booking Mountain Highway for the first time.

Rate Schedule: As a full time touring band, Mountain Highway’s performance fees must yield a profit after covering fixed costs and expenses related to travel, equipment, and administration. To see our current rates, visit this link: [Rate Schedule]

Performance Locations: Mountain Highway spends winter months performing for Rio Grande Valley resorts in South Texas, and performs most weekdays in Gatlinburg, Tennessee the rest of the year. The band travels most weekends (and some weekdays) to perform at booked shows other cities and states. Please check the band’s calendar here before requesting a performance on a particular date.

Advertising: Mountain Highway promotes its public appearances online to the band’s 50,000+ followers.

Promotional Materials: A variety of promotional materials are available on this website’s “EPK” page.

Sound: With very rare exception, Mountain Highway uses its own 18-channel Behringer sound system with wireless mixer, mics, and instruments. At larger venues, the band provides Left and Right XLR outputs for the house sound engineer to amplify through the house speakers. For more information, visit this link: [Stage Plot].

Please complete the following form to express your interest in booking Mountain Highway:

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