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"Mountain Highway"® – Bluegrass Heritage, Family Harmony

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Mountain Highway®



While Mountain Highway® performs most often in mid-Atlantic states, they’re available to participate in events anywhere they’re requested. Current bookings will take the band to dozens of venues from New York to Nashville this year.

Advertising: Mountain Highway promotes their appearances with paid social media ads to its 10,000+ followers, and to other highly targeted, prospective attendees.

Promotional Material: Download the Mountain Highway onesheet and printable graphics on this website’s “About” page.

Sound: Mountain Highway prefers to use its own professional sound system with a wireless mixer, mics, and instruments. Wherever possible, we prefer to run one XLR out to the “house” system’s mixer and speakers. CLICK HERE to see the Stage Plot.

Finances: Even though the performers are young, their expenses are very real. They enjoy making music, but make no mistake – it’s hard work, and their instruments, lessons, sound equipment, and travel are costly.

Accommodations: Due to a variety of logistical issues related to diet, health, schooling, and sleep schedules, it is best for the band to make its own arrangements for overnight accommodations, which are needed whenever performing outside of the local area. The costs associated with such accommodations are included in the compensation for the band’s performance.

Requests: To inquire about booking a performance by Mountain Highway, please complete the form in the right column. In most cases, you will receive a response on the same day, or within one business day of completing the form.

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