Booking Requests

Requests: Please read this page first before making contact about booking Mountain Highway for the first time.

Rate Schedule: As a touring band, Mountain Highway’s performance fees must cover fixed costs and expenses related to travel, equipment, and administration while also producing an income for the family. To see our current rates, visit this link: [Rate Schedule]

Performance Locations: While Mountain Highway performs most often in mid-Atlantic states, the band is available to go anywhere, so long as travel considerations are addressed. The band has performed hundreds of times in venues from New York to Texas.

Advertising: Mountain Highway promotes its public appearances online to the band’s 50,000+ followers.

Promotional Materials: A variety of promotional materials, including a band bio, flyer, logo, onesheet, and pictures, are available on this website’s “EPK” page.

Sound: Mountain Highway prefers to use its own 18-channel Behringer sound system with wireless mixer, mics, and instruments. The sound is mixed by remote tablet from the audience, and adjustments are made throughout the band’s performances. For more information, visit this link: [Stage Plot].

Accommodations: Due to a variety of logistical issues related to diet, health, school, and sleep, it’s best for the band to make its own arrangements for overnight accommodations, which are necessary whenever performing outside of the local area. The costs associated with such accommodations are included in the compensation requested for the band’s performance.

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